Ripped Recruits

Duration - 96 minutes
Categories - Amateur, Muscles, Anal, Military, Safe Sex
Stars - Tanner (m), Axl
Studio - Active Duty
Director - Dink Flamingo
Series - Ripped Recruits
Ripped Recruits is a dream come true for fans of Axl and Tanner. Why? Because of its three scenes, all three feature Tanner! His debut solo is included, in addition to two sex scenes with the unstoppable Axl. In one, Tanner goes man-on-man for the first time, getting sucked by Axl. Then, we take it to the limit in the second scene, where Tanner tops for the first time, fucking Axl.
Duration - 00:39:09
Stars - Tanner (m), Axl
Positions - Laying, Kneeling
Duration - 00:17:20
Stars - Tanner (m)
Sex Acts - Stripping, Masturbation
Positions - Laying