Drunk Sex Orgy: October-Fuck

Released - Sep 2011 Duration - 135 minutes
Series - Drunk Sex Orgy
It's that time of year again, and Drunk Sex Orgy sure as hell ain't letting a great excuse to party like Oktoberfest go by without incorporating it into the orgy mix! These Czechs are out to prove that they can party down even more hardcore than their Germanic neighbors, and as always at DSO this orgy crew takes partying to its limit, so much so that it's sure to start a new yearly tradition: October-Fuck! And seeing as how this is an October-Fuck party, you better believe the beer is flowin' and our ladies are ho-in'! The party dudes are lederhosed up and ready to fuck these girls up, and October-Fuck ain't stoppin' until the last person drops! It gets fucking crazy in this packed VIP club, so you absolutely do not want to miss out on all the insane orgy action. Grab yourself a beer and get in the spirit of Drunk Sex Orgy's October-Fuck!