Max Summers V. Mangiatti Twins

Released - Aug 2011 Duration - 29 minutes
Director - Roland Dane
A real heavyweight wrestling treat for all of you die hard fans!! More than 700 lbs of pure muscle together. Super bottom Max Summers tries to stop the twins who are wrestling for domination. He yells at them and tries to push them out from the ring. He thinks he's better than the two brothers together. The twins don't need that insult! They become so furious and attack the giant wrestler. The fight is uneven obviously and the twins are very happy to try their dirty secret holds on the brave muscleman. We can see Max on dogleash walking around the ring - with one twin riding his back and the other slapping his ass and commanding him to move faster. The super twins do a crazy nipple and ball bondage then follow it up with gut punches while one brother holds Max in a full-nelson. Sometimes, Max gets the upperhand - he grabs the heads of the twins and push them into a strong hold or he punches them both at the same time with an American style wrestling hit. The speedo and naked wrestling turns into wild punishment sex. Max has to taste the beautiful twin's asses first. Yummy! Then the brothers give a very sensual blowjob to Max. Their tongue almost touch each other on the side of Max's dick. Max has to suck the two anaconda cocks at the same time, he hardly can breathe with 18 inches stuck in his mouth. Then the twins show us again how good of fuck machines they truly are. They fuck the titan Max in three very tough positions stretching Max's burning ass to his limits with their huge dicks.