Planet Max 7

Released - Dec 2000 Duration - 76 minutes
Director - Max Hardcore
Series - Planet Max
At a Grand Prix, Jamie Just...wants to have some fun! But once Max gets her back to his RV and pinned on the couch, he reams her hairless slot and tight ass. Max fucks her throat before covering her smeared face with cum! That's high-speed action! Jessica wants on TV, so Max convinces the silly slut at the Berlin Venus Erotic Fair that he can do just that, but first she has to dress up like a retarded schoolgirl and take some pictures for Max! He's soon reaming her hairless slot and stove-piping her hot ass before blowing his nuts down her gaping ass pipe! Patricia can't she's hitchhiking on the French Riviera. She thinks it's a good way to meet people. But Max picks her up to show how men can be! He throws her in the back of his van and is soon reaming her ass as he gives her a "lift". He squirts his cum in her mouth before he gets to her destination!