Released - Nov 2007 Duration - 89 minutes
Director - George Duroy
Lemonade conjures up visions of sitting out on the veranda during a humid summer’s evening, sipping a large, ice-cube-filled glass of this cool, sweet, and refreshing elixir. But in George Duroy’s latest release, Lemonade, it comes to mean something totally different as the maestro takes ten oversexed lads out into the countryside to have hot, sweaty, and totally energy-draining sex in some of the most romantically rustic locations in and around Bratislava and Budapest. He even throws dogs and a [more] herd of cattle into the mix. After watching these five episodes, though, everyone is going to want a tall glass of lemonade to cool off. “We’re like an old married couple. There you are, reading and ignoring me.” … “Why is this an issue? I prepared a beautiful breakfast for you. What more do you want?” No, not your typical man and wife arguing over mundane marital issues, but rather Brandon Manilow and Dolph Lambert in a foreplay sequence designed for humor as the scene builds up the sexual tension between them. Even Marty Stevens’s dog, Bielko, gets a short cameo appearance, receiving small scraps of meat from the breakfast table as payment.