Barrett Long's XXX Amateur Hour 16

Released - Jun 2009 Duration - 93 minutes
Director - Barrett Long
Enrique is a sexy 27 year-old from Miami. He usually tops so he’s a little nervous about bottoming with me. We do a magic trick to start things off, and then don’t waste any time getting to the good stuff. When he sees my dick he says, “Holy Cow!” I grab Enrique’s cock and it feels cold, so I ask him why. He says he’s a vampire, so I tell him to suck my blood, my blood worm that is. He gets down on his knees and gives me a great blowjob! Enrique deep throats my cock and licks my balls making me hard and huge right away. He’s nervous about taking my huge cock up his ass, so I tell him to breathe deep and relax. I fuck him hard and fast, and tell him to shut the fuck up and take every inch of it! I plow him from behind then flip him over and fuck his hole until I pull out and spray my juice all over his face and chest.