Surfers Unleashed

Released - Jan 2008 Duration - 103 minutes
Director - Clark Kent
Series - Surfers
Stewart Comes back from the beach looking for his buddies to go out and party. When no one is home, he decides to rub one out on the own. Rex walks in as Stewart is pumping iron. Determined to get a taste of what Stewart girlfriend has all the time, Rex frontal assault ends up a rear assault on himself! These stories and more are at your disposal, so if it's hot and sweaty man on man action you hunger for, this film is sure to give you what you need!
Duration - 00:11:24
Sex Acts - Masturbation
Positions - Laying, Kneeling, Sitting
Duration - 00:14:33
Sex Acts - Masturbation
Positions - Laying, Sitting
Duration - 00:16:54
Positions - Laying, Missionary
Duration - 00:17:07
Sex Acts - Food Play, Masturbation
Positions - Standing
Duration - 00:16:10
Sex Acts - Oral Sex, Masturbation
Positions - Kneeling, Sitting