Google Chromecast® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Troubleshooting

Yes, we currently have a Chromecast enabled player available to most users. Currently you need to be running a chromium compatible browser in order to use a Chromecast device. Please follow the instructions provided by Google for your device.
The device you are streaming from must be on the same network as your Google Chromecast device.
When you start playback on one of our videos, you should see the Chromecast icon display at the top of the playback window.
Click on the Chromecast icon and select the Chromecast device you wish to use from the list of devices. (if you have more than one Chromecast you will see a list, otherwise only one will be available) If you see a "Sources" drop down, do not select that, just select the name of the Chromecast device from the choice above it.
Once you select your Chromecast, you should see playback begin on that device.
On the device you initiated playback from, you can use the scrub bar, play/pause control, volume control and end the Chromecast session. Moving the slider will show you images of the approximate spot in the video you can jump to.
The device you are using is not on the same network as the Chromecast.
The Chromecast is not plugged in or available. (confirm your device can see the Chromecast by using the Google Home)
Your browser may not be based on Chromium and does not support Chromecast.
This depends on the current implementation of Google Cast. Older version would allow all other devices on the network to see that something is being cast. This functionality can now be adjusted in the "recognition and sharing" section of your Google Home settings for the specific Chromecast device. We reccomend you disable the "Let others control your cast media" for any devices you intend to cast adult content. Currently there is no indication on other devices whether or not someone on another device is casting.
On some current versions of Google Chrome, there is a Google Chrome issue which keeps the Select Device Dialog from being displayed, or is displayed on a different monitor (in a multi monitor setup). This has already been fixed in future versions of Google Chrome and will resolve in the future without any changes needed by us.
Make sure you are on the latest build of the Chrome Browser.
All currently available Chromecast devices are supported at this time. This includes all three generations of Google Chromecast devices as well as televisions with Google Cast support.
Please try lowering the maximum bitrate, located in the navigation menu under Video Settings -> Maximum Bitrate, to something below 1080p, and see if that solves the issue.
Some Chromecast devices such as the Google Hub, may not support high resolution casting. In this case you may simply see a Google Cast logo on the screen. Try lowering the maximum bitrate, located in the navigation menu under Video Settings -> Maximum Bitrate, to something below 1080p.
If you have issues with disconnecting, make sure that your Google Play services and Google Home app are up to date on your phone/tablet.
For further assitants please contact Customer Service.